Science Behind Cholesterol And Why We Need It

Cholesterol is essential to life.

Cholesterol is a substance made by our liver and arteries that helps carry fats and fluids from our hearts to other parts of our bodies. It’s necessary for the absorption of nutrients, transport of oxygen through the blood and formation of dense cells. Yet, too much cholesterol can be detrimental, especially in older adults. When too much cholesterol is in your blood, it can build up and cause problems such as heart disease or stroke.

When there’s not enough cholesterol in the bloodstream, abdominal fat builds up and restricts blood flow through the coronary arteries.

Cholesterol helps keep our blood vessels healthy, which protects us from clots and other blood disorders. It also helps keep our organs and muscles working properly, so we don’t age as quickly as we would without it.

Cholesterol is vital for life and should be kept in check by eating right and exercising regularly.

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